Walking with the Ancestors at Lughnasadh

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As John Barleycorn readies himself for the harvest, at this time of year I reflect on what I’ve personally harvested from the year so far. Over the past two weekends I’ve walked the landscape where I grew up looking for clues. I was born and grew up in a Nottinghamshire mining town.  Everything centred around […]

First Foray into Large Format 5×4

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There’s something magical about film.  Maybe its the way it forces you to get it right in the camera with a more considered approach, the tactile nature of it, or the sense of connection to those early pioneers Fox Talbot and Neipce. While 35mm was always very convenient the medium format negative is superior in […]

Michael Wolf – Tokyo Compression – Exhibitions – Flowers Gallery

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Sometimes an exhibition looks so good i just have to save it. https://www.flowersgallery.com/artists/michael-wolf/works/view/56349-tokyo-compression-73 Michael Wolf stands on the Tokyo underground platform as the steamed-up windows reveal the commuters that scroll before him. As we look at the disquieting images we might ask why people tolerate this? You can feel the discomfort. The fingers down the […]

Khadija Saye

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This photographer died in the Grenfell Tower disaster. http://www.sayephotography.co.uk/ Using very old tintype, her work explores Ghanaian spirituality and a “deep rooted urge to find solace within a higher power”: Poignant after what happened. Interesting isn’t it that unless she’d died in a disaster, many of us would never of heard of her nor seen […]

A picture is worth a 1,000 words..

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As part of my university coursework, I thought it might be fun analyse (in a non-political way) the hidden messages contained within posters for the upcoming 2017 election.  What are they subtly trying to tell us though their choice of pictures? Some of my thoughts are below – what do you think? Conservatives This poster […]

Living in the moment

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I went to the bank yesterday to pay in some cheques.  Waiting in line, the assistants repeatedly asked me if I’d rather use the machine rather than wait. The thing is, waiting in line gave me an opportunity to speak to a real person instead of a machine.  A chance to meditate while the young […]

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