So why do you bother?

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I was at an Exhibition in Bradford yesterday for the recent BBC4 series on the history of photography: It got me thinking.  We are taking more photgraphs than ever before.  But we hardly ever print them or put them in albums to keep. We forget all about them…until Facebook reminds us with a ‘3 years […]

Photography an contemporary art

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I tend to agree with much of this article – to become part of the ‘contemporary art club’ art photography needs to keep chipping away at the modernist shackles imposed upon it nearly 200 years ago.  Otherwise it is constantly refining itself but within its own separate oeuvre to other contemporary arts. What clouds […]

It’s all new!

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Welcome to the new Hippy Hippo web site and blog. Photography offers an amazing and lifelong journey into finding your own creativity. Over coming weeks and months I’ll be sharing some of the things that inspire me to take photographs…hopefully they will you too.

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